The Importance Of Teamwork

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Have you ever stared in a mirror with tears streaming down, wondering if you should give up? I have. If I hadn’t had my friends with me the whole time, I would’ve probably given up many times. They taught me to to look forwards and bash through the barriers; never stop. Even when I’ve lost my legs. I finally found out how important teamwork was, and the thing that leads to teamwork is friendship. I promised them and did what my heart told me to do. Changes. Who isn’t scared of one? You and I, we all are - it could become so deadly. I was on the field fighting the night before, we stood together, our spirits linked. The next morning, I was stretched out in an anonymous place where I heard people crying, sobbing. I realised that I couldn’t move my legs anymore- not even if somebody poured lava on it. Petrified with my fist clenched. Crying never helped me solve any problems, not even when I was younger. It never helped; there was no pont of it. I am a strong man; the captain of a Football team. All of my friends cheered and cheered for me, I knew we were unified again. I said to coach, “ I’m hurt, not dead “ Eventually, I chose to not give up because I trust them, and love them. Teamwork. A major factor that leads to victory and strength. Every sportsmen needs it. My team went through war to learn this skill. We came back from camp united, having bloody battles with all who didn’t believe in us. Proving them wrong, making them regret. It was as if our ears didn 't work

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