The Importance Of Technology And Education

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2.2.1. Technology and Education

The main irony in education is that technology is both changing and disturbing higher education institutions around the globe (Hank 2016). According the Hank (2016), institutions that become accustomed to technology and end up being noticeble content producers will sustain and grow. Those limited to being content consumers will battle to stay in business.

Technology has shifted the scene of the education significantly. The world has witness education moved from an industrial age to an information age (Dolence and Norris 1995). The major changes in higher education as a result of the technology advancements can be captured as follows (Dolence and Norris 1995):

Repositioning to the requirements of the Information
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However, if they are not integrated into the learning processes in a meaningful way, it becomes ineffective and disruptive. The modern labor force needs digital smart employees with the ability to engage with diverse media and new technologies as it emerge. Digital fluency became the principle thread that runs through every feature of teaching and learning. Educational institutions must take ownership of this movement that allows students and faculty to make the connection between the various tools and instinctively adjust from one context to another and the the planned outcomes. (Adams Becker, et al.…show more content…
The connection between higher education and technology is set into three significant groupings. The first group relates to change as improvement, the second group connects to changes as innovation, and the last group correlates to change as transformation. The first and second connections are be placed securely in the all-embracing globilisation conversations on higher education. This is evident in the change of language in the development of policy, structure and related documents. The third connection appears to turn between a positive view of technology reforming higher education, and a critical outlook that questions certain aspects of the higher education. These three meanings coexist, compete, overlap and contradict each other at times. Yet, ICTs is viewed as the tool that will ultimately continue to create efficiencies in higher

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