The Importance Of Technology And Technology

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New technologies are not only improving the way of teaching and learning, but they are also ameliorating the effectiveness and security of university campuses. A campus can be traditionally considered y as (Kwok, 2015) a piece of land on which buildings of an educational establishment are constructed. There are libraries, classrooms, residential halls, student centers, dining halls, and recreation areas. Intelligent technologies can be applied to many administrative areas of the campus such as energy management, operations management and security management in order to facilitate communication between students and professors, increase efficiency and provide a better security. The intelligent campus is “intelligent” because it increases the connectivity and mobility of the campus, promotes the security of people and property and boost efficiency. Intelligent campus (Kwok, 2015) refers to a new paradigm of thinking which encompasses themes such as social networking and communications, green and ICT sustainability with intelligent sensor management systems, protective and preventive healthcare, smart building management with automated security control and surveillance. Figure 1 shows that campus management tasks are not limited to the academic functions of education and research, but are practically similar to managing a city: sustainability, security, retail and leisure and infrastructure. This part of the paper examines the impact of intelligent technologies on the
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