Essay On Are We Too Dependent On Technology

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In society, technology is found and used in almost every aspect of life imaginable, such as in communication, travel, informational resources, and entertainment. Technology has become commonly incorporated into and heavily impacts our daily lives, causing some to consider whether or not we, as a society, should depend on technology. Many authors have different views on to what extreme technology should be incorporated into our everyday lives; some believe that it can be beneficial if used moderately for advancement, such as that of education and medicine, but others consider the unfavorable traits of being too attached to technology because it may promote human vulnerability and the loss of certain life skills. Examples of texts that participate in the controversy of technology accommodation regarding the different aspects of life are…show more content…
An indication that, as a society, we should depend on technology, but only to an adequate extent, is that it allows access to convenient research for advancement, such as for education and health purposes. Chanie Kirschner, the author of “7 Signs We Are Too Dependent on Technology,” proves that although technology is an useful tool for advancing the qualities of life by providing the opportunity to advance in knowledge, people should find a balance to limit the use of technology and value life experiences. After describing how technology often causes people to not value the present moment, become too reliant and vulnerable to technological advances, and avoid real-life social interaction, Kirschner reveals that to find the balance in technology, one must appreciate technology and use it with intent, recognizing when to unplug oneself. He illustrates how technology
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