The Importance Of Technology

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Technology The term “technology” first appeared in the 17th century at the time it only applied to arts. This term was later modified to mean a lot of different things. In context to today’s world it is described as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” In around the year 1760 the Industrial Revolution took place. This revolution that again took place in the 17th century was a milestone for the world. During this revolution, technology was used to help aid humans in production making it easier and faster. This became the foundation for further advancement in technology used to help humans. The machines became faster and more efficient. Today in the 21st century we are advanced beyond comprehension. This is in my point of the view the biggest accomplishment by humans and we should be very proud. Today you can sit in one corner of the world and talk to someone to across the world. You can connect with friends that you lost touch with decades ago. With a touch of your finger you can find the answers to your all your questions, you can view the news of any country you want. Today we can give back the hearing of a child who was born deaf; we can give vision; we can look into the microscopic cells of the body; we can cure and prevent sickness; today we are more capable of doing more than we were ever able to do before. This is all attributed to human intelligence, we are a remarkable species. I’ve always been told that things
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