The Importance Of Technology In Classrooms

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Did you know that 76% of students were conditioned to find quick answers leading to a loss of concentration? This is due to the fact that there is a lot of technological devices that are now in many classrooms. Technology in classrooms can be helpful or it can be distracting. Technology can distract students and gives them an opportunity to stray from their work. Technology can also lead to student earning lower grades and a decrease in good note taking. Finally technology can be one of the leading causes in the loss of concentration. Classrooms should not have technology because it can distract students, lead to worse grades and notes, and make students lose their concentration. First of all classrooms should not have technology because it can distract students. New York times stated, “technology is the cone of distraction in class”. Students will think that it is ok to not pay attention if other students aren 't paying attention. Only a few students not paying attention can lead to most of the class being distracted. Students would lose out on learning and be distracted. The result is lower grades because they were not paying attention and they learned nothing. In conclusion technology can distract students and distract everyone. In addition classrooms should not have technology because it can lead to worse grades, worse quality made note taking. Education World wrote, “Students Who Hand Write Notes, Do Better Than Students Who Type Them, and Students Who Use Technology
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