The Importance Of Technology In Communication

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"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you".
These words, pronounced by Alexander Graham Bell on 10 March 1876, in Boston, United States, formed the first intelligible sentence to be transmitted over the telephone. This simple sentence brought a new meaning to mass communication during the late 19th century. Although the Morse Code, invented by Samuel Morse, was already present at the time, the human race continued to seek more. Hence, the birth of innovation in communication. This innovative spark created an inclination towards shaping the creativity of minds across the globe. From the invention of the telephone, to the desktop, and to present day gadgets, dependence on technology has played a substantial role in positively affecting creativity and communication. Needless to say, people evolve with time to cope with certain needs, and communication is a key factor in this evolution.
Prior to the world of communication as we know it today, things such as telephones were unheard of. Messages and informative notes had to be conveyed by hand which only changed when the Postal Service was introduced. The earliest record of postal service dates back to the Roman Empire where Augustus, the first emperor, introduced “cursus publicus” or in other words, the public way. As time went by, homo sapiens searched for alternative routes of communication which varied from trying new methods to inventing new things. Using the earliest record of a postal service as a benchmark in world
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