Essay On The Importance Of Technology In Education

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The Importance of Technology in Education Since mankind first adopted tools, technology has had the ability to change the very way of life. Millions of years ago, stone was adopted as a tool to create and destroy. Thousands of years ago, the iron age revolutionized warfare. Hundreds of years ago, the Industrial Revolution changed the power of production forever. Just as the Industrial Age brought massive societal change, the “Information Age” - the age of computers - does the same. From entertainment to education, technology permeates every aspect of life - but how should society use this powerful new tool? The world is already moving in the technological direction, but is society preparing future generations for this new age of information?…show more content…
However, exposure to technology is necessary in order to decrease these disadvantages’ impact, and technological education has been found to have many superior qualities over traditional education. An article published by the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013 claims: ...banning laptops isn’t the solution. Instead of shunning laptops, we should help students develop strategies to deal with those problems...Students no longer have to carry around binders full of notes or deal with forgetting a set of notes...Electronic notes can also be easily shared or compared with classmates... (Margulieux) Like traditional education, technological education’s disadvantages can be diminished through exposure, and by developing students’ skills and knowledge of its qualities. Compared with traditional education, technological education increases the ease and scope of the learning process, and makes learning more effective and efficient. Sophisticated programs can illustrate concepts that are difficult to learn or visualize with traditional teaching. No longer weighed down by the physical limitations of information, students can easily access and share thoughts and information with their peers. Even with its disadvantages, technological education is still a viable complement, or even supplement, to traditional

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