The Importance Of Technology In Education

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Introduction As a foreign language instructor for over eight years, I have always sought out professional development to continually seek pedagogical improvement and better meet the needs of all my students. Given the fact that I worked with students coming into my classroom with various levels of knowledge in Spanish, I always tried to be very innovative in my ways of delivering my lessons. My participation in numerous professional development conferences and workshops helped me learn new strategies to better meet the needs of my 21st century students. Via the incorporation of technology into my lesson delivery and assignments, I began to notice not only growth in student lesson engagement and motivation, but also a growth in their language acquisition. As stated by Smith and Dobson (2011) in their publication titled Beyond the Book: Using Web 2.0 Tool to Develop 21st Century Literacies, “Traditional literacies of paper, pencil, and book have expanded to include word processors, video editors, instant messaging, and virtual worlds” (p. 316-317). As a current leader, I believe that it is my obligation to support the classroom instructor to keep up to date with new methods and strategies to utilize with our students in this ever changing age of technology. What is technology? With the recent transition into Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the methods of assessing our students have changed. It has become imperative that teachers and students have access and
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