The Importance Of Technology In Education

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It goes without saying that technology will improve the learning path, makes education simpler and more enthusiastic. Using technology in education allows students to learn through internet, which makes it easier for them, also it has a positive influence on their academic performance. In today’s modern world, it is a successful investment to invest money in integrating technology in education. There are many examples that show proper use of technology paths, the way for a more constructive instructing and provide enhanced learning results. Technology is being used in education in a lot of countries all around the world. Technology utilization has an impact on classroom techniques and education process, which leads to a more responsive student and increase their level of participation on their own education path. Investment in technology has been spreading out in the modern world. Therefore, many educational organizations in different parts of the world are trying to provide good financial system which invest more money in technology. According to the research published in 2013 by The Hong Kong Institute of Education and University of Oregon, United States. “The technology investment in schools worldwide has increased more than a hundredfold in the last two decades. Much of this investment has been made based on the assumption that technology-mediated learning environments provide opportunities for students to search for and
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