The Importance Of Technology In Education

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People’s memories about childhood recall numerous images of green chalkboard, unclear handwriting from pencil and textbook made from old brown papers. While those old school stuffs still remain in some countries, particularly the poor ones, many advanced nations have replaced with modern equipment, such as digital boards substitute for chalkboards, smart devices take the place of notes and electronic books for old textbooks. With technology development and the bright future ahead of the new student’s generations, it’s likely that education is being improved in a promising way. Technology advancement plays an important role in acknowledging the experience in contemporary school life because of two reasons: modern technologies not only provide more efficient interaction between teachers and students but also imparts a better and effective stimulation for people to learn. Firstly, on the journey of archiving knowledge, the role of mentor is extremely important and technology brings out an efficacious method for students to interact effectively with their tutors. For example, instead of conducting a presentation in traditional way by using handwriting on the board, lecturers start to use technology in order to attract more attention and excitement from students. According to Jackson (1997), 87.5% of Wright State students agreed that a presentation software PowerPoint not only helps them to maintain their retention and enjoyment during presentation but also allows them to use
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