The Importance Of Technology In Education

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With the advancement of technology in the classroom, education has shifted from teacher centered to student centered. This also paved the way to ICT integration, the widespread use of tablets, smartphones, interactive whiteboards, and other learning technology. Because of this, teachers are expected to be adept on using technology in teaching. Technology will not replace teachers but teachers who do not use technology in teaching will be replaced (Clifford (1983) in Wheeler (2013)). Teachers now face the demands of the Generation Z learners who are experts at multi-tasking and can use multi-tools simultaneously. They are visual speakers and they speak in images. They play and learn anytime and anywhere. They practice B.Y.O.D. or Bring Your Own Device to be able to get sources and information. As digital natives, it is not enough for them to master the 3Rs reading, writing, and arithmetic. But to be able to cope within today’s global community, they must also learn to master the 4Cs-creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. These are the 21st-century skills that they need to develop; hence, they must be housed in a 21st-century classroom that engages and energizes them. Robles (2012) pointed out that technology has greatly augmented the importance of digital classroom resources of every institution. Typically, the Internet has transformed the teaching-learning archetype and brought challenges to all students, educators and school administrators.
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