The Importance Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology made everybody's life easier much easier, but it has also made the world a place where stupidity reins king. This obsession with technology is also depicted in Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451 that is set in the dystopian world of future technology. The book has a protagonist named Montag, a fireman whose job is to burning books because in this society, firemen burn books rather than protecting people by putting out fire. The government of this society is trying to make everyone more like zombies by destroying the knowledge that people have. In this novel, Bradbury warns readers about the dangers of technology and the way it has made people into passive (receivers) rather than active participates in their lives society uses to…show more content…
Government was trying to take over the society by taking away people's knowledge and their history which was easily done by burning books through the firemen, who were once known for their heroic and courageous acts, but in this society, firemen burn books, so people are not intelligent enough to create the own individual thought that could spark controversy. Firemen crew are helping destroying history by saying that the books are nonsense and not useful. Beatty, firemen's leader, was saying "We as a society just can't have all these books which contain so many controversial thoughts and ideas in would make people think. Then they would be uncomfortable and unhappy in their lives with the way things are" (57). Fireman Beatty was explaining how he thinks about the people of society will feel about books to Montag and convincing Montag that burning books would make everyone's life more contented. Today many people conform to one line of thought that many other people have so they won't have to argue or back up their beliefs. And in some places, it is illegal to have controversial thought to prevent things such as
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