Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology On Business

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Introduction In this modern century we live in, technology is all around. One of the advantages of technology is, people can do a mixture things with easier ways, such as keeping information in personal computers instead of keeping on notebooks that will be lost easily. Technology is also the subject for closing the gaps of the world, by connecting people everywhere through advanced technology with communication abilities (video conferencing, social media, internet, and ETC). Nevertheless, technology also bring along negativities. Pollution is one of the negativities. With the rise of greater advanced manufacturing facilities, the rate of pollution will shift higher and higher. With pollution rate rising, it is very crucial for businesses to…show more content…
In doing so, organizations can secure new customers that were not made available to them. However, because of the progresses in technology, organizations do not require the need to expand their operations physically to reach customers beyond their boundaries. By making use of social media sites, business operations can reach customers both internationally and domestically. Items purchased by customers can be sent to them by sea freight or airfreight globally. Additionally, organizations can now conduct research and development (R&D) by gathering information about their customers living abroad through social media sites. In doing so, organizations will likely be on the successful path in managing with globalization. Over the past decade, organizations have went from having customers conveying their feedbacks and experiences to their family and friends, to having customers conveying their feedbacks and experiences to the whole world. People cannot hide the fact that social media can be either advantageous or disadvantageous to a business. The most common advantage of using social media when doing business is that word about their product or service can get out quickly without even spending on costly advertising and marketing services. Nevertheless, the same means of technology will also be the culprit for causing the business to be looked at negatively within a short duration after a…show more content…
The same approach that makes helps us to easily remember things (Electronics, Computers & ETC) also crops a forest at a quicker rate than what was possible then. With progressions in technology and productivity in production, environmental pollution has risen at an overwhelming rate; business should take up applications of sustainability to guarantee that the planet get through the increase of technology. While some organizations are genuinely keen on changing the environment for the greater good, others are simply using the message of sustainability to gather more customers through their target

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