The Importance Of Technology In India

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This book describes how education in India is a “life-long learning process” and goes beyond the usual learning periods for children in other countries from the ages of 6 to 18. This type of rigorous education system has given rise to many of the children in India growing up to be engineers, doctors, and scientists. This will help with the research paper because it gives evidence as to why there are so many people in India in STEM-related professions and the impact of how companies around the world call them for job opportunities, therefore causing them to immigrate out of India. Banerjee, Uptal K. Technology Management for the Future of India. New Delhi: National Committee of Science and Technology. Technology is used in many aspects of the Indian government's, making it easy to store important information and improving communication. Especially with modern technology, managing, planning, and maintenance are especially efficient. Over time, technology has become a major part of society. This article emphasizes the importance of technology in India, which is significant in writing this research paper because the immigrant that I am interviewing has a background in technology, being a…show more content…
The birth rate is significantly higher than the death rate in India, and India’s death rate is constantly decreasing, adding to the population. The fertility rate is also a lot higher in India in comparison to other countries due to population policies, such as universal marriage systems and olden cultural norm. Poverty and illiteracy also play a role in overpopulation due to the belief that having more children will lead to more sources of income. Overpopulation was one of the major push factors that caused the immigrant that I am interviewing to move out of India. Living conditions were not very high quality and there was always a lot of traffic and people wherever she
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