Argumentative Essay: Should We Use Technology In Learning?

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There has always been an ongoing debate between whether we should use technology in learning or if we should continue with books instead. Many believe that technology is actually a double edged sword.
That it has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to learning. Especially learning in classroom settings. I believe that it is true, technology can be used for good or it can be used for ill. It can be a distraction or it can be a source of great knowledge. I believe that with the right motivation and tactics we can use technology such as E-readers for example to good use. We can use them to modernize and improve classroom learning due to its conveince since many students wont need to carry so much books to their classes anymore, it can be used to help the disabled learn just as
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It can also be very useful for teachers since they too can use things such as a projector to showcase e-books or articles online without needing to waste large number of papers printing something the students would not likely use again later on in their life. . There was a
2014 study by Cengage University on the use of technology in classrooms shows 73% of teachers have claimed the implementation of technology such as E-Readers in classrooms have increased the academic performances of their students significantly by 63%. This proves that the convenience of technology can actually improve the work ethics and achievements of students in classroom.
Another use for Tecnology in learning is it can be used to help children and even adults who are suffering from learning disability, such as those who are blind or dyslexic. It can even be used to help people with language barriers as well. In fact in Europe , especially in the UK e-books are becoming very popular. A study by have shown that one in every 5 blind person who buy books
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