The Importance Of Technology In Lifelong Learning

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Technology is a huge part of teaching in classrooms. It can be used as a tool that helps both the teachers and the students. Technology changes how students learn and makes the students learn and engage differently as well as giving the teacher a different position in the classroom. Parents, students, communities’ and employers’ expect technology to be used in the classroom to help the students after their formal education. Students enjoy using technology inside and outside of the classroom and educators need to help prepare students for a life that enables them to continue with their lifelong learning. We live in a digital world where technology is available everywhere. Unfortunately in this digital world there is a digital divide that affects…show more content…
This learning is flexible, diverse and available at different times and places. Lifelong learning crosses different sectors and promotes learning beyond traditional schooling and throughout adult life (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland [LLCQ], 2014). Lifelong learning has become increasingly visible throughout school documents and curriculum. As educational outcomes are no longer restricted to formal schooling years teachers need to help their student’s to develop the skills and aptitudes to make sure they will engage in lifelong learning across their lifetime (Howell, 2012, p.13). Digital technology promotes life long learning as it can be used to search for information, read and create blogs and watch YouTube videos to learn how to do something. In order for be able to do all this they first need to be shown how to use the technology or have the opportunity to experience it first hand. Teachers need to be incorporating digital technologies in their lesson plans, helping to develop digital literacy in their students and teaching them how to critically evaluate the different technologies during their formal schooling (Howell,
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