The Importance Of Technology In Business

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Technology has the power to promote growth as well as success. Also, technology has changed the business world forever. Technology has changed and upgraded communication, business interactions, travel and so much more. The advantages of technology is endless, when compared to everyday lives.
In the business world technology has created new innovations as well as new processes to complete various task. Numerous businesses have incorporated technology into their organization. The various aspects of using technology has increased productivity, up sell and increase in products.
This process is also true with Sew What business, technology created so much success for this small business. Sew What organization had become a custom to doing business by word of mouth only. Yes, word of mouth does create great business, but you have limited access to consumers. Also, I have
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Megan Duckett that if possible, some of her previous customers would be willing to allow us to post their finished products on our website. Especially, customers of high power such as celebrities. I feel that this would create more business for the company. In my opinion I feel that when a customer can see a finished product, it makes shopping and purchasing a little bit easier. Mainly because then the customer has had the opportunity to see the great quality of work they will be purchasing from the business.
According to NEL and Simpson (2013) there is various skills and knowledge needed to grow a small business. As well as management resources capability plays a major role in the success and failure of any size business. It is very vital for a business to create a business plan, but also understand there must be necessary changes and redirections to grow the business.
NEL, P., & SIMPSON, K. (2013). Small Business Management Capability Development in the Home Furnishings Industry. New Zealand Journal Of Applied Business Research (NZJABR), 11(1),
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