The Importance Of Technology In Society

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According to Rudi Volti in the book “Society and Technology Change, 8th edition,” technological advancement cannot equate or translate to the overall societal development or progress. Focusing on tools of technology in the efforts to assure for quick and reliable service can occur at the expense of other sectors of the general economy. The society is an agglomeration of different divisions or units, and as such, success of one of the components of the society may not directly imply to the improvement of the other units (Volti 9). To apply such a principle to the society, it has been evident that use of state of the art technology and machinery either at hospitals or schools, may still result to unforeseeable challenges. For example, despite the acquisition of strong weaponry and comprehensive surveillance systems in most big cities of the world, attacks on humanity are still being recorded. Therefore, the advanced technology systems can be seen not to have translated to the overall safety and protection of the society. Additionally, technological progress may give a misconception of a developed society which may not be the case. Rudi Volti gives a scenario where the Nazi Germany acquired the best warfare mechanisms through application of the best technology, but the standards of living and the interactions with the common people were still biased (Volti 9). Thus, for technological progress to give a complete societal development, it has to assimilate all the components of

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