The Importance Of Technology In Society

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Introduction In the common language, the term "technique" is associated with the world of engineering, especially when it is understood as a technical knowledge that is not humanistic, it is scientific origin. Thus, the technology appears as a set of materials whose purpose is to produce generally complex devices. In fact, for most of the people the word evokes the idea of a machine, often surrounded by a magical symbolism and by extension, with a non-traditional way of producing physical goods. It is easy to find, for example, references to the technology of drilling, but no longer as a clear concept of technology when it comes to water supply. In general by "technology" it is understood as a most effective way to do-things and often it is used an English term "know how" or the French "savoir faire" is used. In more advanced contexts, the term technology is used almost exclusively to describe production processes; therefore it usually refer to the technical relations that link together material inputs, financial, labor, etc. , that involved in the production process. The limitation of the scope of the technology to its purely material aspects implies that social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions that determine reality all technological product, even if these variables are not explicit in conventional formulations underestimate; it would not be possible to build a house without a human need to live without a defined social organization without specific
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