The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

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“With globalization and advanced technology creating a wide array of new demands, learning has become portable, with Web-based distance learning and educational platforms, pod casts, blogs and interactive, wiki-based outlining” (Dunham &Friedland, 2008). The world of education is continuously changing due to different advances in technology. Consequently, the teachers of our generation have to learn and adjust to teaching methods that are suitable to the current generation of students. The teachers, learning in a different way, would not be that efficient and effective in their work.
The teacher should be updated on these changes. Educators who incorporate technology in the learning process in the classroom believe that technology is a way in improving learning process. As a result, students will be able to cope up in the 21st century workplace (Butzin; Hopson, Simms &Knezek ;Reiser, as cited in Nordin, Othman &Sam, 2005)
There are differences between the educational culture of the 20th and 21st century and it should be explained to fully understand the importance of the 21st century professors. In the 20th century, the traditional classroom approach was used. Usually in the four walls of the classroom, a fixed space, learning only happened. Teacher superpower the discussion while the students only listen and ask questions occasionally; printed text was also a preferred medium of communication (Dunham &Friedland, 2009; Alexander, Buan, Brown & Adler, Hart Shorne,
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