The Importance Of Technology In The Entertainment Industry

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“All the worlds a stage”….and how far we have moved from this!! From an age of showmanship where Shakespeare loved reminding his audiences that they were indeed at the theatre, to the dominance of information and communication technology in our experience of being entertained. The entertainment industry is evolving at a revolutionary rate particularly in last two decades.

Humanity as we know it has undergone a plethora of change from agricultural to industrial to the present information and communication revolution, which has morphed its way into almost every sector of human activity. It is moving at an irresistible pace being propelled by hungry people who constantly have a need for more.

Developments in electronic media allowed the delivery of all forms of entertainment to the masses. Existing forms of entertainment popular in the 20th century are still available however new forms of entertaining have entered the arena. Digital technology has all but replaced its analogue counterpart and has influenced the way films are made. The use of visual effects have enhanced one’s visceral pleasure. Viewing has become convenient and portable. New techniques have enabled realistic display of animation. Theatre and film expanded to TV which itself has revolutionized to more channels, affordable sets and quality viewing. Advances in data storage devices, have influenced the how and when TV is watched. Records have shifted to CDs to digital downloads. A significant and dramatic

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