The Importance Of Technology In The Fast Food Industry

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The fast food industry is a tertiary industry that mass-produces food which is then prepared and served in quick manner. Tertiary Industries allow customers to both acquire and use the finished goods. Fast food industry is well known for its franchise operations, drive through services and standardised menus. This report will go into detail of the following, Technology and its advancements helping operation processes, legal regulations and how abiding to laws can affect businesses, and Quality expectations which provides a guideline on how well produced a product can and should be. Both McDonalds and Dominos allow influences to alter their operation process to achieve maximum efficiency.
Technology is the result of change,
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Datacom is a Trans-Tasman IT service provider. Datacom have staged, delivered and installed computer hardware and electrical installations for Domino’s stores across Australia. These installations contained process guides and pre-imaging and configuring each store to organise and make efficient of dominos operation process. Dominos has always been understanding in technological upgrades case in point in 2016 Dominos gained an artificial intelligence platform for quality control in the kitchens and rolled a major update to its IT systems to track and monitor their operations. The input of Datacom delivering and installing hardware into Dominos has transformed the company process guides thus outputting Domino’s efficiency in in its processes of making pizza and…show more content…
The result of this will allow for 20,000 Domino employees getting paid award penalty rates and casual loading. Dominos stated, “Domino's did not oppose the termination of the existing enterprise bargaining agreements” The accepting of this termination will keep employees in the business and even prompt them to work efficiently.
McDonald's Corporation (MCD) looks to settle big legal dispute with franchisees
McDonald’s is finishing a court settlement covering the corporation’s liability for labor law violations with its franchisees. This includes a board decision released in a case that made precise the definition of Joint employment, or co-employment (The sharing control and supervision of employee’s activity for multiply business entities). This has have justified some claims against McDonalds. The court settlement has allowed McDonalds to justify its legality hence no penalty’s will be

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