The Importance Of Technology In The Veldt

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Like in a classroom, a good connection with each other is a good thing. In the book The Veldt by Ray Bradbury, the parents do not connect with their kids very often. This was the main cause of the death of the parents in this short story. Parents and people in general need to pay attention to each other and not to technology as much.
Human connection is very vital so that everyone can remain in a safe and calm state of mind. In the short story Peter and Wendy were very upset because they did not want the nursery to be shut off. Peter threatens, ‘“I don’t think you’d better consider it anymore, Father”’ (Bradbury 7). As Peter and George Hadley were talking about the possibility of the family shutting the nursery off for a few days, Peter responded to this in a very threatening way which would concern many parents. If one does not communicate with their parents enough, then the child may believe they are in charge of the family rather than the parent. Peter and George were talking about how Peter does not want to do things by hand because he was gotten lazy and George says that he would rather they not use technology. Peter whines, ‘“I don’t want to do anything but look and listen and smell; what else is there to do?”’ (Bradbury 7). Technology has interfered with the human connection way too much because Peter did not even know why the automatic painter was taken away until now. If Peter were to be a human in today’s
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In the sections of the short story where the children kill their parents, the children throw a gigantic tantrum, Peter threatens his father, and Peter admitting he does not want to interact with other individuals are all strong examples in the story The Veldt as to why human interaction is more important than technology. Like a classroom, interaction is a large focal point where every teacher makes sure to
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