The Importance Of Technology In The Vietnam War

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I strongly believe that technology will never be a decisive advantage for a victory in war. There are other factors that will give an added advantage in claiming a victory in war. Through the Vietnam war, there is evidence that the technologically advanced US Army lost the only War that they have participated in the history of United State of America. Such factors will be the Man, Strategy or tactics used in a familiar environment to its advantage will give the much-needed victory in war. Vietnam has more than 100 years of history of resistance to the foreign ruling. Constantly fighting both the imperial and colonial powers before they met the Americans. Vietnam has been a French Colony from the 1880s but the French lost its position of Vietnam during the World War II (WWII) and that is when Japan took over the control of Vietnam. After the surrender of Japan in WWII in 1945, a communist leader Ho Chi Minh’s force started they struggle for Vietnam to be an Independent country. The Vietnamese fought for independence and they claimed it in 1954 but their country was divided into 2 as part of Geneva accords. The north was ruled by a communist leader and the south governed by a democratic government. The United State believed in the Domino Theory of which they were fearful that the fall of South Vietnam will cause a chain reaction to the rest of Southeast Asia countries to become communist. Hence, in 1965 the United State sent soldiers to Vietnam, the US soldiers had superior
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