The Importance Of Technology In The World

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In today’s world, everything revolves around technology, advancements, and new ways to benefit people, and in some cases, war. Advancements in technology have defined how we live in the world, offering new ways of completing tasks. Moving forward is the only way to advance our way of life, to live long and prosper. Due to advancements, new ways to benefit society emerged such as prosthetics, safer vehicles, aircraft, and sea craft. It is beneficial to everyone, and technology is becoming more complex each day. Back in the very early 1900’s vehicles were but a dream, but now they can reach insane speeds. In the 1800-1900’s, everyone had horses and only the rich had cars, now everyone has cars and the rich have horses. Oh, how the stables have turned… In many other cases, war throughout the years has created new technologies to the front lines, such as tanks brought in World War One, aircraft carriers in World War Two, and, believe it or not, laser cannons in the battles of today’s wars. People may ask when these technologies came about into the modern world and who originally had the idea for them? Who came up with the idea for these inventions and weapons of mass destruction? The inventor to the tank, self-propelled car, jetpack, and many other inventions is “The Renaissance Man”, Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, in his time, was considered ahead of his time because of his many technologically advanced mechanics and weaponry. Da Vinci was also an accomplished artist,
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