The Importance Of Technology In Writing

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In an ideal world, students would have a balance between technology and face-to-face interactions. Students would also be able to use technology to its fullest potential but still know effective skills for writing without technology to guide them. Unfortunately, students do not get an appropriate balance of technology and writing skills which leads to shortcuts in writing when using technology. As students are depending more on technology, an increase of plagiarism is happening as well ask an increase in writing errors and lack of social interactions. For example, “58% of high school students admit to [plagiarizing]” at some point or another (Siegle, 2017). One way effective technology use and writing skills can be achieved is through explicitly…show more content…
Some of these effects include increased writing errors and lack of spelling but on the other hand, also allows students to write faster and have a means for production. According to McCall, technology can be highly motivating for students with a wide range of other benefits included. McCall also states that “such tools can develop nuanced approaches to online written communication, particularly with regard to grammatical complexity or pragmatic awareness” (McCall, 2017). Clearly there are two sides to every story and technology is no different. When teaching in the 21st century, teaching students to use technology for writing is an essential skill unless teachers want them to fail in this ever-advancing society. While students are being taught how to use technology for writing, they also need to be taught the proper skills in writing to be able to produce grammatically correct writings when technology is not present. Teaching writing using technology has both negatives and positives but when together, students have effective tools for using technology to the fullest as well having the proper skills for writing without…show more content…
But what is technology really doing to society? According to Siegle, “American teens spend an average of 9 hr per day using media, not including use for school or homework” (Siegle, 2017). With this information, using technology for teaching may really take away from the child. If they are already spending so much time using technology, teaching writing using technology may increase their addiction to technology. All through a student’s education, they are expected to write papers, find research articles, along with many other tasks centered around technology. When they are introduced to computers and technology too early they do not learn “the process of research, asking creative questions, understanding the credibility of sources, thinking critically about information, planning a framework for writing, and drafting in stages” (Herman, 2012). Without those essential skills, students are missing key skills within the writing process. As technology begins to increase, it may also “dampen creativity, writing, intellectual exchanges, rather than encourage them” (Hawisher & Selfe, 1991). If that is the case, technology will only continue to hurt students writing skills. On the other hand, technology also has benefits for writing that also needs to be looked

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