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Technology integration prepares students for the realities of living in digital era. It includes everything from frequent computer use in the classroom, where students learn how to effectively perform research using the internet and computers, to the use of technology such as smart boards, digital projectors and electronic textbook supplement. Technology integration is vital for classroom and structured education striving to keep up with advances to technology not only in the different ways that students can learn, but also in the ways in which they will be expected to utilize the knowledge and skills they learn. The utilization of computers and the Internet is one of the most common forms of technology integration found in many classrooms. This enables teachers to instruct students on how to effectively perform research using the Internet, as…show more content…
The smart board, however, uses a hardware interface to create digital representations of what is written, allowing the hand writing to be converted to typed text, made interactive, and otherwise create further opportunities for organization and lesson presentation on the board. Digital projectors can replace older overhead projectors and create a projected image from a computer or similar input device, rather than from a printed transparency. This allows a teacher to work at a computer and show what is being done to the entire class, which is especially helpful for demonstrating research techniques or software use. Technology integration can also include the use of digital supplements provided with many classroom textbooks, expanding on what is within the book and providing interactive lessons for students and teachers. Teachers of language arts and literature can use the Internet, digital media tools, and common software applications to enhance student

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