The Importance Of Technology Mediated Communication

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Today the modern world is full of new technologies. From the very beginning, people are keeping research for the best technology which makes our lives easier than now. New technologies are coming day by day and they are changing our life. TMC is actually the driving force behind these changes in society. Technology Mediated Communication or TMC can be defined as communication between human beings via the instrumentality of technologies. TMC is associated with reductionism, gives the idea that complex things can be simplified. Mechanism, gives the idea that social rules and regulations can explained the cause and effects. The last is technological autonomy, gives the idea that technologies have the independence in society. Some critics argued that technology is like a torch which allows the society to see in the dark. As technologies makes the world so smaller than the virtual life. So, it is proved that TMC is the most important driving force behind the changes in our social and academic life. Now, most of the important question is “what is technology?” Technology is an application of scientific knowledge of some practical purposes. Computer and internet are the most important innovation of technology. Internet has introduced some of its new innovations like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. Not only that universities and colleges opened online pages to help the students in their studies for example, AOU LMS. Now, I am going to discuss below about three of my used
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