Technology's Negative Effects On Teenagers

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Technology has advanced very fast in the past decade and a half and it has unquestionably had a considerable amount of impact on the lifestyles of humans throughout the globe. There is no doubt that this progress has mostly proven to be of our benefit; with everything from communication to e-commerce being at our fingertips. Initially, the marketing of technological devices, particularly cell phones were mostly aimed towards working adults . With applications and software designed to help make people’s professional lives easier. However, today, as time and technology has progressed, the competition has increased and the ages of target audience has decreased, the desire to have things quickly and have them at our fingertips has almost become a necessity. Adults have come to depend on these
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Apart from the poor physical health, there are also many negative effects in the cognitive development seen in children who are addicted to their gadgets and television, such as:

• Low scored on development tests.
According to a study conducted by the AAP children who spent a lot of time on cell phones playing games that were not educational, had lower scores on receptive and expressive language development tests . Furthermore, research has shown that preschoolers with more exposure to television score less on reading tests .

• Poor Social Skills.
With the variety of different entertainment provided by cell phones and TV, preschoolers may spend less time outside playing and interacting with other children and exploring the real world. Real social experiences and contact with people is essential to a child’s development . If a child was to have very little social activities and only learn from their games and TV, they may develop a distorted view of socialization and have a difficult time handling different interactions and
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