The Importance Of Technology On Communication

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‘‘We live in a society exquisitely depend on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology” is one of Carl Sagan’s quote .In this technological era, technology plays a huge and major role in humans’ lives until it brings a situation that human could not survive without technology. In my opinion , people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication. Basically, technology has given some good and bad impacts to people’s creativity and communication. From the point of creativity, it is universally acknowledged that, technology has been a strong platform to share our creativity in thinking and art to the world. For instance, YouTube has helped a lot of people to spread the creativeness to the world by uploading many videos showing ones creativity. YouTube has helped a famous Canadian boy who is famous as JB or Justin Bieber to get his fame in a wide music industry by sharing his creativity in music through YouTube. We can even improve our creativity in art by watching videos or reading…show more content…
Back in 80’s, people used to travel and spent a lot of money and energy just to communicate with their loved ones who stay far away from them. They might experience misery without our present technology. Then later, a great scientist names Sir Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone to solve long distance communication problem. His invention is still being vital to communicate with loved ones who are in another part of the world. This helps to keep in touch with our friends and family members plus make our bond even stronger.. Apart from that, social media like Facebook helps us to know a lot of people and bond with them. The effect from this is we can gain or share more knowledge and experience with them. So, we have to salute Sir Alexander Graham Bell who has resolved people’s miserable life to a better
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