Technology's Influence On Creativity And Communication

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Creativity can be defined as the use of original ideas or imagination to create something, while communication is defined as the act or process of exchanging ideas or information. Both communication and creativity play a massive role in our life as these two traits are among the traits that employers usually look for in their employees. Any company would be very fortunate to have an employee who is not only innovative and has impressive ideas that will make the company stand out from their competitors, but also great communication skills to deliver the ideas to the public. However since technology has evolved, these type of employees are quite hard to find as the evolution of technology has affected creativity and communication. Many researchers have agreed that technology has impacted our creativity in a good way since innovation…show more content…
An example of human dependence on technology is how teenagers from the 21st Century are always on their phones 24 hours a day. This includes the time where they are out with their friends and families. The gadgets have become a comfortable medium of socializing that they prefer using rather than communicating in real life. In fact it’s a norm to see people on their smartphones rather than talking to each other in restaurants. When asked, most teenagers admit that they have more friends online compared to real life friends. They find comfort in talking with strangers online who they consider as friends rather than their families and real friends. One of the reasons most fresh graduates struggle at job interviews is their communication skills. They are not used to communicating in proper language and do not acquire the proper etiquette. They are unable to express themselves well due to their lack of communication skills in real

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