The Importance Of Technology On Society

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We are embarking into a changing world unlike any other in history. Progressing technology is steam rolling its way into the foundation of modern society and is constantly changing it at an exponential rate. Powerful technology, such as handheld devices, allow for unrestricted and immediate global communication. There is an intense dichotomy between what incredible new benefits these technologies can offer humanity and some of the dark possibilities that lurk behind technology’s mysterious veil. As these devices allow social relationships to become more accessible, the quality of these relationships is immensely reduced. A perfect example of this is the GoPro - a camera technology which allows for people to share any experience they have from a first-person point of view, all without having to move from behind its screen. Another example are new social media sites that connect people in multitudes, but only with shallow foundations in terms of meaningful relationships. Nick Paumgarten, a staff editor for The New Yorker, elaborates on the GoPro in his essay We Are a Camera. The arguments of Maria Konnikova, another writer for The New Yorker, and Paumgarten analyze and dissect some of the advantages and disadvantages that this technology has on society. The concept of “quantity versus quality” will prove valuable as it becomes the perfect means by which to judge the accumulation of multiple superficial social experiences in juxtaposition to the now uncommon wholesome, quality
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