The Importance Of Technology On Technology

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Nowadays, most of us does not experience hard times because we are all surrounded by technologies that make our daily life as easy as ABC. As the example, internet help us to find anything we want without needing us to go to the library and read a lot of thick books and escalators avoid our legs from being exhausted climbing up the stairs. So, we does not have the experience in getting through a hard time like what our ancestor went through in their adolescence. So, it is why we are relying on the technology so much. The first reason why people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication happens in our community is because we have been disclosed to the technology such as smart phone since we are young. Kids nowadays only know to play online games and watch cartoons on You Tube rather than going outside and having fun playing with other kids making some wonderful memories together. They prefer to stay online than experiencing an outdoor activity that help to develop their growth such as playing the sand and trying to build a sand castle using their own effort. If a kid is asked to…show more content…
It helps us to communicate easily with someone that are far from us. But, this technology make us talk lesser and communicate less than before. As what we can see, online business help us to gain money easily without needing us to work so hard but this facility has make us lack in communication skills because online business does not need us personally to talk confidently in order to encourage people with our products and of course communicating skills are the most important thing if we want someone to trust what we are saying. The technology that ease our way in communicating such as WhatsApp also make us communicate lesser with people around us because we prefer to ask them using this application rather than to go and ask it individually even if the person is just in the room next to
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