The Importance Of Technology On The Bicycle

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION In today’s world when the advancement in technology is at its peak and the impact of these technology over the human health is also point of concern. As the technology is advancing the physical activities are getting reduced. This in turn is not a good sign. In Indian urban areas people use bicycle very rarely and also they had become slave to their electronic gadgets. They are spoiling their health over them. But if they use the portable cycle mob charger it would encourage them to do more physical exercises through cycling. During cycling they can enjoy their gadgets such as phone, tablets, GPS etc. Bicycle is the main mode of transportation for many Indian villagers. Most of these villages are un-electrified. Power generated by pedaling can be converted from mechanical to electrical energy by using either dynamo or alternator. Small powered lighting devices can be charged using dynamo and can be used in the night by students for study purposes. This principle can be extended to power mobiles, iPods, laptops etc. Power can be also generated from the rotation of the wheels of alternator vehicles like bikes and cars, where there is a possibility of generating more power. The generated power can be either used in the same vehicle or can be stored in a battery for powering some other devices. Riding bicycle helps in maintaining a good physic and along with it power can be also generated. This paper presents methods in generating electricity by

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