The Importance Of Technology On Writing

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The development of technology and its affect on the writing process has been a pervasive controversy. Technology has significantly benefited the writing process for many reasons. The writing process has evolved from handwriting to typewriting and, finally, to virtual writing and with every progression, came an advantage. Within Jennifer Lee’s (2002) “I Think, Therefore IM” and Katie Hafner’s (2004) “For Some, the Blogging Never Stops”, one can come to the conclusion that although the use of technology has become an addiction and distraction to many, it has made the writing process simple and rapid. Technology matters to writing. It supports the advancement of writing skills by means of word processing. Students, writers, and teachers now…show more content…
Distraction is inevitable and while the Internet may aid in providing information, it is also a tool of amusement and entertainment. From having the need to be updated on the latest celebrity news to chatting with friends online, taking a “break” is almost guaranteed when writing. This would eventually lead to a loss of concentration and lethargy. The Internet can also be addictive. Within Katie Hafner’s (2004) article, she thoroughly shares stories of people who are completely committed to blogging. Mr. Pierce, who works as a scheduler in the entertainment business in Hollywood said, “If this were beer, I’d be an alcoholic (p. 243).” He stated that he knew he was a fanatic when he realized that he would rather spend time with his computer than his girlfriend. Those who spend time writing online can be severely harmed in a lot of ways. Like Mr. Pierce, one can completely demolish their social life and health due to their developed addiction. Despite that, technology and the Internet remains a resilient and quick method of research and writing.
Although the conventional use of a pencil and a paper to write might seem more appreciated to writers, today’s technology supplies various options in order to encourage and help people draft, brainstorm, research and write in a more practical and sufficient manner. The development of technology has made it easier to access and share knowledge with people all across the globe. When used competently, technology and the use of the Internet can alleviate the writing process and help writers create powerful works of

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