The Importance Of Technology Transfer

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Addis Ababa University BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS A senior essay Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for BA degree in Economics The economic contribution of technologies Adopted by Metal Engineering Corporation in Ethiopia. By: Nebiat Belew Email: Advisor: Instructor Dereje Yohannes June, 2015 Addis Ababa Dedicated to Belew Gashaw (shambel) February, 1942 – June, 2015 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Let me start by thanking GOD Almighty for making me strong for the hard times I have gone through. It would have been an impossible journey for me without your help, THANKS. To my advisor who understood my difficulties and has guided me through…show more content…
Basically the literature review classifies technology transfer as body of knowledge. Technology Transfer as the Body of Knowledge Technology transfer as the body of knowledge includes: a theoretical context related to basics concepts of technology transfer, mechanisms of technology transfer, barriers of technology transfer, technology transfer models, process and appropriate technology transfer. Furthermore, impact of technology transfer in the industrialization process of a country is investigated. Exceptional emphasis is given to the experience of newly industrialized countries such as Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa. II. Data Collections Qualitative method has been used to achieve the research output of this essay. The secondary data has been collected from different sources. To mention few of them; from policy documents, brochures, books, online data bases, journal articles, conference papers, statistical abstracts, newspapers & magazines ,state reports, historical studies, UNIDO, ECSA, World Bank report , and unpublished undergraduate research papers from Addis Ababa university…show more content…
Partly due to its own fast and ongoing transformation nature and partly because of the progressively more integrated world economies, technology per se has moved to the center stage in the economic analysis. Rapid technological advancements are fast shifting the frontiers of technology and thus raising the scope for tremendous improvement in the competitive strength of firms. Increased globalization of economies is necessitating further improvements in the competitiveness of firms by intensifying international competitive pressures and increases technological capital stock of the country’s economy by creating technological transfers and

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