Arguments Against Teen Activism

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Imagine being bullied relentlessly. You are just standing there not doing anything about it, nobody helping you to fix it and you can’t even tell the person bullying you to stop because you do not have the courage. Now Alex is spreading the anti-bullying theme all around the world not only his community. The person that has the courage to be an activist can show and help people live to their full potential and not letting the other people bullying them get to you and speakup and stand up for yourself. Teen activism is where teens speak and demonstrate about a life problem correspondingly they have people stand behind them and support. Activism can help many people with traumatizing life experiences and can seriously change their life. Activists can stand for many things one case is bullying. In extension teen activists have a strong passion for what he does. They try to do as much as…show more content…
“Alex agreed to take part in Bully in the hope that his persecutors would stop tormenting him” this was displayed in the article Life after Bully: Teenage star of hit documentary finally escapes his tormentors... and finds happiness in new school. Alex was able to not only do something he loves which is being an activist but he was involved and didn’t just say i'm here and going to say things about bullying he was into it. Teen activists can help the community in many ways. For example Alex Libby has benefited the community Alex is one of the main advocates for anti-bullying. He has accomplished so much for his age. Alex has changed his life and a lot of people around him. High school students come up to him and hug him. He is such a role model to many kids in the community people try to be like him. He has touched on many people’s lives at just the age of the 16 year old Alex Libby. Alex turned the community into something else. From and really negative brutal environment to a really helpful kindful positive community to make everyone unite as
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