The Importance Of Teen Activist

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When things aren’t right and you know they should be. You don’t need to be a superhero, you need to be a teen activist. A teen activist is a teenager who sees something, and they think it needs to be fixed. But instead of ignoring it and leaving it for someone else they fix it. Important qualities of teen activists is that they need to be brave, and willing to fight for their cause. But the most important one is they need to be hardworking. The first reason that teen activists need to be hardworking is that, they have to be able to raise hope for their cause. The “Malala Fund” is a great example of a hard working teen activist trying to change things to make them right. It claims “If one girl with an education can change the world, what can 130 million do?” According to “Life After Bully” by Hannah Rand Alex Libby collected money to make some t-shirts that said “I stand for the silent.” “Turning E-Waste Into E-Treasure” claims that Alex Lin collected E-Waste, refurbished it and sold it to other people. Teen activists need to be hard working and give hope to people affected by the bad things in life. The second reason that teen activists need to be hardworking is that they have to go all the way to the big men/women in the court to change laws about their cause. “How to Help,” by Karen Fanning tells us that. Iqbal changed the laws about child labor “for six years, he spent his days crouched over a loom.” then he spoke out against his slavery and changed the laws about
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