The Importance Of Teen Pregnancy In Schools

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Teenage pregnancy is one of the social ills among modern societies and is a relatively alarming situation in worldwide. The increase in teen pregnancy among unmarried women has for a long time been a cause of concern among experts. It has been estimated that about sixteen millions of teenage girls between ranges of fifteen to nineteen years old give birth annually, particularly in low and middle income countries (WHO 2016). This places an enormous stress on the economy as a whole because teen pregnancy increases the dropouts of students from schools which in turn results in loss of earnings, income taxes and productivity of a country (Ressler 2012). Thus, schools should play a central role in implementing an effective sex health education to…show more content…
Births to teen mothers are more likely to be unexpected and most likely to end up with abortion. Approximately 2.5 million of these abortions are unsafe that takes place every year, and the childbirth among teenagers is more dangerous than for an adult (WHO 2016). The rate of maternal death among teen girls that younger than sixteen is four times higher compared to the women in the twenties (WHO 2016). There is some health problem that associated with teenage pregnancy, such as STD, HIV, mental disorders and many more. So, comprehensive sex education in the classroom setting is an essential part of prevention of STD’s, mitigates unwanted pregnancies as well as creating awareness in making wise decisions. Sex education in schools is not about encouraging teenagers the idea to having sex earlier, but it gives realistic and provides students about the factual information on the preventive measures of various sexual practices and the consequences of having a sex. According to the Guttmacher Institute, that US has the highest rate of STDs and has the highest teen birth rate among all of the developed countries (Adem 2012). In 2010, the figure reached to approximately nineteen millions of STD’S every year in US where the teenagers…show more content…
Providing an effective sex health education programs in schools, teenagers will learn about several types’ transmission of STD which helps to spread awareness and motivate them on abstinence until marriage. With improved access to sex education, there are great possibilities in scattering the myths that are interrelated with sex and widens their horizon which aids to mitigate the rate of unintended pregnancies among the teenagers. Another important positive aspect of sex education which was identified is to build strong relationships and empowerment against sexual violence. It has been argued that parents are the most likely to be the appropriate person to impart sex education to their children in the earlier stages at home which will help ease to influence the cognitive development and the perplexity of a child. Finally, the efficacy of sexuality education programs in schools is, undoubtedly since few countries can point a significant improvement after the implementation of this meaningful programme. In short, although there are many parts of developing world, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, where the birth rate to unmarried women are remain highest, lower rate of teen pregnancies in developing countries are achieved through a comprehensive sex health education programs in

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