Teen Confidentiality

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Health Science/ 4th period
22 September 2015

Teen Pregnancy and Confidentiality
Girls that don’t have a education may end up on the streets. In my side I said that girls that get pregnant in a really early age is really sad because they don’t think about their future, dropping out high school and parents kick them out from their houses.
It is important for teens to think about their future. Girls that are 15 years old they get pregnant and at the same time they just feel like killing their self because they think that their parents will not respond for that. Yeah of course our parents are not responding for this!!, because the girls are not respecting their parents decisions that
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Teachers can not said anything to the teens that dropped out high school because if teachers told them something they might do something bad to the teachers and no one want this to happen. For example, in the article (The drop of crisis and Teen pregnancy) it said that “graduation season is upon us, but the approximately 1.3 high school students who dropped out this year won’t be hearing “pomp and circumstance” These dropouts are disproportionately black and Hispanic, and overwhelmingly poor.” (Marshall). This quote is saying that black and Hispanic students dropped out high school because they don’t have time to do their homework because they have that child to take…show more content…
When parents kick their daughter from their houses they feel angry,upset and at the same time they feel really sad to see their daughter decision. Parents don’t like to see them on their houses because they need to work for they can support their children and to give them a better future.For example, on the article (family beat 14-year-old impregnated by a relative into delivering stillborn baby before disposing of the remains on a charcoal grill.) It said that “The unnamed victim was repeatedly assaulted between January and March 2013 when she eventually gave birth to a stillborn baby at the house in Pleasant Grove in Dallas, Texas.”This quote means that the parents get really mad about the things that their daughter make and when they want to punish them they make it so hard for them because they can killed them.
Finally dropping out high school is not a good thing also parents kick them daughters from the houses and they need to think about their future before acting. Following parents rules is the best thing ever that can help us to become successful, because when the teen girls don 't follow parents rules they don 't have a good future they think on the other way that not following rules will help them but no is not how they think. Also I agree with the parents rules thats why im on their side that getting pregnant on a early age is not
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