The Importance Of Teenage Curfew Laws

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Adolescence and curfews go hand in hand in today’s generation. Some people are still not perfectly aware of what adolescence is so first, let’s discuss a bit on it. Adolescence is a stage every human faces in life. It is the period in which the child gradually turns into and adult and in that phase, they face puberty. Basically, it is a phase teens go through from the ages 13- 19. The individuals are in a very critical state at this time as they start feeling grown up and undergo many changes. Hence, they become furious, frustrated and may inherit positive or negative changes. They get influenced very quickly at this age and prefer that people stay out of their way. This is a very critical stage for parents as well because they have to be…show more content…
Governments have already set teen curfews as laws, but the question is whether this is the correct thing or not. According to some citizen groups like the Citizens against the Dallas Daytime Curfew, teenage curfews should not be set as laws. The main reason they have for this statement is that they think that if a teen breaks a curfew law he has to pay certain fines, etc. But, even if there is no curfew law, and a teen violates a law he will still have to pay the penalties. So there 's no point of keeping teenage curfew laws. Also, according to their research, when teenage curfews are set as laws, it puts parents under more pressure financially and mentally. So they see no reason as to why teenage curfews should be set as laws. On the other hand, another group of citizens think that it is excellent that governments have been setting teenage curfews as laws and their main reason is because they believe that parents aren’t fulfilling their duties as a parent. Parents aren’t really taking care of the teens and mostly are unaware of stuff, so it’s the government 's job to take action and handle the situation. They firmly believe that if the parents aren’t proper than the government has the rights to take care of the nation and hence, teenage curfews must be set as laws. They also believe that instead of setting night time curfews, daylight curfews should be set because a lot of teens bunk school and indulge into illegal activities at those times as they think it’s the best and most suitable chance as they are thought to be at school, but aren’t. So they also feel that the government should set daylight curfew laws. In this case, there is no proper conclusion as people have different opinions in this case and there is no
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