The Importance Of Teenage Suicide

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Teenage Suicide: an overwhelming social matter Nowadays there is an increasing tendency for people to make drastic decisions that may change the course of their lives. Many people feel that they cannot find a good reason to live or to continue with their existence. What is even worst, people with suicidal tendencies have negative thoughts about themselves or about the life they have that they think the only solution to their problems is to put an end to their pain by taking away their own life. It has been reported that, “there are a considerable number of people who commit suicide every year due to the fact that they have feelings of loneliness, despair and sadness or that they cannot heal the scarves left by a traumatic experience they lived” ( 15 Common Causes of Suicide: Why Do People Kill Themselves?,n.d) . These people cannot see that living their lives implies not only to exist biologically but also to be able to cope with the difficulties they may face every day. It is true that many times adults cannot resist pressure making them think no other solution but suicide. However, teenagers are a risk group, who are even more exposed to suicide than grownups, as young people are usually more vulnerable to pressure, pain or anxiety and because they have not their personalities fully developed. What are the reasons they may have to make such a drastic decision? Why do they decide to finish with their lives in such extreme ways? There are

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