The Importance Of Telecommunication And Communication Technology

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This examination of the literature gives insight to the importance of telecommunications and networking technologies in maximizing efficiency and improving competitiveness within an organization. The literature review also provides a better understanding of telecommunications and networking technologies and they effectiveness in helping companies to realize their goals and objectives. In addition, it analyzes the importance of security to these information systems in meeting customer needs and satisfaction. Wireless Technology According to Ogunjimi (2015) telecommunications technology is like a business central nervous system and without it, a small business could not compete or survive. Robbins, Cenzo, Coulter and Woods (2013) in their research said that the advancements in information technology have move businesses away from the confines of one physical location. They note that with desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, fax machines, organizational intranets and other IT tools, businesses who work mainly with information can do that work from any place at anytime. These sentiments are shared by Ryan and Ryan (2015) who further proclaims that wireless technology has changed the way managers mange and can now effectively communicate with employees in remote arrears who may be working anywhere at anytime; ensuring performance goals and customer satisfaction. Gillman (2015) emphasizes that Internet connectivity is paramount and with high speed broadband wireless

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