The Importance Of Telemachus Leaving Home In The Odyssey

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1. Book 3 shows the importance of Odysseus leaving his home and taking action, so that he could learn about his father and most importantly, grow up. It was important that Telemachus went to visit old Nestor, because his journey would teach him how to live independently and force him to take charge of his life and Ithaca. During his journey, Telemachus would have to overcome all of the problems that he faces by himself. This would teach him many valuable lessons and force him to mature into a young adult. Furthermore, it would make him more confident and assertive, which will help him lead himself and others better.
2. Nestor tells Telemachus that the Trojan War was very long and tough and that his father, Odysseus, was very helpful in the war. Also, Nestor says that when they returned home, Menelaus and Agamemnon got into an argument of when they should embark. Menelaus suggested that they left as soon as possible, but Agamemnon wanted to stay longer so that they can give sacrifices to Athena. Since the army could not make a decision, they split up into two groups returning home. Nestor and Odysseus went home with Menelaus at first, but Odysseus later decided to stay back with Agamemnon. Nestor says that he still dwells on the fate of Agamemnon,
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Phaeacia was a kingdom that was very wealthy, but rarely accepted strangers from foreign land. This sharply contrasts to Ithaca, because the palace is filled with suitors that are taking advantage of Telemachus’ hospitality and constantly eating and partying in his home. Also, Arete and Penelope are very different, as Arete is very well respected and was said to be like a goddess by the people of Phaeacia. Odysseus was even advised to appeal to Arete, rather than Alcinous, because Arete was the person who made the decisions in the palace. Penelope was not respected, especially by the suitors, as they would live in her house, sleep with her maids, and consume her wealth as they tried to get her to marry one of
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