The Importance Of Television Cartoons

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“Television programmers can only ever be used to entertain people, not to educate them”
Currently we 're living in the modern world, which would in turn change, everything come to the people of modernity. The television was invented first time by Philo T. Farnsworth on 7th September, 1927. He showed that it was achievable to broadcast an image electronically, without using a mechanical process. Television is a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are regenerated on screens, predominantly utilized to broadcast programs for communication and entertainment up to date. (, 2006)
The importance of television programs can never be expressed in words. It is considered as one of the most
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Maximum children of South Asia like “Meena” cartoon. This cartoon was developed by UNICEF. Meena is used as a tool to announce important information on gender, education, child rights, protection and development. The "Meena cartoon" descriptions present many positive concepts of a girl succeeding against disagreement to gain equal arrangement, care, love and favor. Creative and breathtaking story lines have promoted social issues in a provocative way. So children can understand and can learn about their progression after seeing “Meena” cartoon. (,…show more content…
People seek entertainment and agitation, a program can give us that in the form of films or other programs. Most of the people want information, accomplishments and instruction because they are inquisitive and like to become conversant. Television program gives us this in educational or documentary programs. People enjoy creativity, and television programs give us that in the work of all the people involved in creating clever witty dialogues, film scripts, effective scenery. Television programs can teach us the world, different cultures, several people, languages. So television program is not only for entertainment or educate people. It has a good side and a bad side.
As we have seen, television offers us a wide range of valuable programs for our entertainment and education. Television not only provides many types of programs with interesting and broad subject matter, it also serves to fulfill our needs in terms of pleasure and knowledge. Television programs can contribute positively to the education of society and people’s awareness of others. So television program has a good side and bad side, we can get entertainment and education from a television program.

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