The Importance Of Term Limits On Congress

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The United States has three branches of government, one of which is the Legislative Branch. In the Legislative branch consists The House of Representatives, and the Senate, together they form what’s known as Congress. Times change, so should American politicians! Many people assume the power in the government lies with the president---it lies with Congress. Congress holds the power to declare wars, write laws, impeach the president, levies taxes, and controls most of the government’s spending (Phillips, Todd). Congressmen and women, once sworn in, serve two years before another candidate can be re-elected, but most of Congress spend term after term in power. The U.S and congressional districts don’t thrive under extensive time in office. That’s why Congress needs term limits, they spend too long in office. Corruption reeks in American politics, the longer politicians stay in office the “swamp” grows even larger in Washington D.C. Change is what brings new opportunities, and new opportunities are scarce within the U.S because Congress is the problem.…show more content…
One of the most well-known attempts to try to put term limits on Congress was during the Republican Revolution during 1994 when the GOP took control of Congress midterm elections. Term limits were apart of the Republican Contract with America, it called for the withdrawal of career politicians through a vote part of the Citizen Legislature Act (Murse, Tom). Of course, all have been unsuccessful. Trying to put term limits on Congress has been an ideology that has been around for a long time, and Congress has always
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