The Importance Of Test Anxiety

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All over the world we have a large amount of learners who suffer taking exam and it is only for the anxiety the test environment imposes on learners. No student know how to handle test anxiety. Even students with high level of proficiency, sometimes are unable to perform well in exams and it is just because of the test anxiety. Some researchers believe that numerical test score could be stressful, too, then I think it is really better to replace numerical scoring by grading score. We all know that the stressful nature of exam, detriments learners' confidence and has negative impact on their psyche. Learner's feeling, fatigue, illness have crucial role in learner's performance on learning or tests. As Lei and Qin et al.2009 pointed out, learner's…show more content…
This study tries to find out the altitude of test anxiety particularly the pre-, during- and post-stages with a view to informing teachers the impact of anxiety and the related problems. In addition to this, the study also tries to find out the attitude of teachers towards test anxiety. I do believe that we should be aware of the level of learners' anxiety to help them lower their anxiety in order to prepare them a better condition pre, during and post exam a result for doing the research we need case studies, then, in this study the researcher selects 80 male and 53female students from four colleges of Tamil Nadu,…show more content…
All the statements were explained to the students in their mother tongue before they started selecting their choice on the rating scale. The statements were given in first person narrative and students responded by ticking on a four-point scale labelled Never Me, Rarely Me, Sometimes Me and Very Much Me. Each label was given a score between zero and three to indicate the level of anxiety. For example, the first choice Never Me was given zero points to indicate that the anxiety level of the students was nearly zero and. whereas, Very Much Me was given three as a score to indicate that the anxiety level was in its highest level, then as the study named, three is in its peak. The minimum the score is, the lowest the anxiety level, and the maximum the score is, the highest the anxiety level. According to the questionnaire's data analysis in this study, 94% are unhappy with the test anxiety because it prevents them to perform and do their best. 77% chose Never Me and the rest said Rarely Me, that is, 100% of the students responded that teachers have not helped them to cope with test anxiety. In my opinion it is really damaging that the learner's do not know how to cope with their anxiety, because it prevents them to perform acceptable or successful.

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