Visualization In Ms. Lesher's Romeo And Juliet

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There are multiple ways a student can experience a text to help them learn. When a text has visuals, is easy to comprehend, and is authentic, it creates a more enjoyable experience for students to read. Reading graphic novels, watching movies, and acting the play out all help students obtain a visualization while reading Romeo and Juliet. It is important to experience a story in multiple mediums because it keeps students engaged and could inspire them. In this unit, students in Ms. Lesher’s 9th Grade English class read the 5 acts of Romeo and Juliet in 5 different mediums. The first act, they read the original text Shakespeare wrote, the second act, students performed the act, the third act, students read a modern English translation, the fourth act, a movie was played to show if it were to take place in a modern time, and the fifth act, students read a graphic novel of the story.
Being able to visualize
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On the contrary, when a text has difficult language, when students do not participate, and when it is not authentic, it can make it more difficult for students to learn. In my opinion, the medium that is most effective is when the text is easily understandable, such as in No Fear Shakespeare. Being able to view a modern translation of the text can help students grasp a better understanding of the story. However, when the text has difficult language, it can be troublesome for students to learn anything while reading. Although it could build your vocabulary, it is still difficult for students to read while learning at the same time. Being able to experience literature multiple ways can give students a deeper understanding of a text. Specifically, if a student only reads a graphic novel, and another student reads a graphic novel, and also reads the original book, they would most likely have a better understanding of the
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