The Importance Of Textbooks In English Language Teaching

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Textbooks are of great value and effect in the process of teaching and learning. According to Zohrabi, Sabouri and Behroozian (2012), textbooks are considered an essential component of any EFL course so that the use of EFL published materials is more widespread than ever. They serve teachers with guidelines concerning syllabi, teaching methodologies, and the materials to be taught. Here care should be done in choosing the best suitable text for a particular context. Textbooks are valuable in each language classroom, and they have several roles in English Language Teaching (ELT) curriculum and help the process of language teaching and learning. A textbook has a very virtual role in teaching and learning of English. According to Ahour and Ahmadi (2012), "textbooks are the main sources that can convey the knowledge and information to the learners in an easy and organized way" (p.176). As stated by Zohrabi, Sabouri, and Kheradmand (2014),"textbooks are one of the elements that may promote or discourage learners depending on their materials. They are a kind of support for both teachers and learners. Textbooks provide students a kind of consistency"(p. 95). They have an important influence in the instructional process. ELT textbooks have major function in the current discussion. Sheldon (1988, p. 237) states that “textbooks represent the visible heart of any ELT program”. Textbooks are an almost universal component of English language teaching. According to Cortazzi and Jin

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